MKTG Advisor is a communication agency based in London and Milan. MKTG Advisor deals with advertising campaigns, guerrilla and viral marketing, digital communication, fashion, private and corporate meetings, training and team building, glamour and fashion events, luxury store opening - creativity, set design, set-up, DJ set, logistic, security, catering, private social and business mailing list, celebrities management (national and international), traditional and online press office, blogger management through social media manager. We work for important fashion and luxury brands providing communication activities, managing events in their entirety (product launch, consumer campaigns, opening, fashion shows ...). Art flows in KRT veins and thanks to our internal art advisor we are able to organize events in most of the private and public national museum and art sites in London, Paris, Rome and Madrid, even if not open to the public. In addition we have a temporary large billboards department able to offer exclusive facilities in many central areas of major European cities according to local heritage association.


Creativity, planning and sharing are the main communication activities that MKTG Advisor offers its customers. Our experience allows us to professionally follow customer briefs, either for a traditional, digital or unconventional campaign. Our staff is trained to follow all available channels to convey message and contents of offline, online and digital campaigns. The creation of a commercial, a guerrilla activity rather than the editorial planning of a campaign on social networks are everyday life that we face with the spirit of uniqueness that distinguishes us.
  • creativity (art & copy)
  • conventional and unconventional communication
  • media planning
  • social media activity
  • digital reputation
  • corporate identity
  • visual advertising
  • guerrilla marketing
  • social network activity
Fashion, glamour, corporate event from concept to set up
MKTG Advisor set up institutional events, corporate and private glamour, completely self managed starting from the customer concept commitment. In the institutional activities, we carry out large conferences and business meetings, creating cohesion moments for the sales force or reconciling change management activities. The world of luxury, fashion, glamour and stylish ask for more emphasis and huge commercial results on large openings trying to spread more and more their brand awareness. That’s why MKTG Advisor offers a complete service that starts creating the mood and last in all organizational aspects such as artistic performances, celebrities, catering of the highest level and the most exclusive locations. Glamour events are completed and enriched by the offer of one of the most exclusive social, press and celebrity mailing list services on the market and the result of 30 years of collaboration and friendship with the international jet set.
  • concept
  • art performance scouting
  • set designer
  • social mailing list
  • celebrities scouting
  • off-line and digital press office
  • media planning
  • service audio - video - lights
  • post production
  • full organization
Temporary Large Billboard ADV
We have created a department that follows maxi billboards by offering temporary installations on exclusive buildings in the most crowdy spot in Europe: London, Paris, Milan, Madrid. We have signed exclusive agreement with local heritage association that allow us to sponsor restoration of exterior facades of prestigious properties through the mechanism of large advertising billboards. We work with the main media centers, companies and individuals, offering seriousness and transparency.
  • property evaluation
  • restoration work
  • renovations
  • construction supervision
  • legal and institutional relation management
  • production of advertising panels for maxi billboards
  • assembly of advertising panels
  • sale of large advertising spaces (maxi billboards)
  • commercial management of leased spaces


Entering in the Chinese consumer world has become even more difficult and the complexity of a completely different market from the Western one should not be underestimated. Chinese distribution networks, consumer habits and legal requirements can make China a very difficult market to access. Analyze consumer preferences is the key of this so different and detached market. Overcome bureaucratic problems is the second main important issue that must be faced in China. MKTG Advisor in partnership with a powerful and highly performing local business unit, is able to provide the necessary advice to gradually access into this market providing the correct mix between tools & strategies.
  • Market analysis
  • Consumer research
  • Competitors benchmarking (online, in store)
  • Business planning
  • Marketing & Sales plan preparation
  • Partners selection
  • Local execution coordination
  • Local team training
WeChat Activation
A crucial step for global luxury brand is communication to the Chinese world, consumers who now cover over 30% of purchases in the sector. It is often assumed that the digital sector is universal and that it works with any population in every corner of the world. Unfortunately it is not so. If in Europe and USA social networks and digital advertising are the most common levers that influence our buying habits, Chinese sensitivity to this kind of communication is very low because attention is focused on different digital tools: WeChat & Influencer. Translated into objective terms, more than 1 billion Chinese people through WeChat follow the suggestions of trusted influencers. WeChat is an app that integrates a messaging system, a payment method and a social network. A world with which 83% of Chinese users with smartphones are daily in touch. Distributing and sharing content through influencers that are consistent with luxury items you want to offer on the Chinese market, activating WeChat business accounts and managing them optimally with services and activities in line with Eastern market requirements are only the first steps in which you will be supported to get to the heart of Chinese. A path that will take you from your western POS to smartphone display of Chinese users in line with the positioning of your brand.
  • WeChat business account opening and management
  • Development and sharing of content for the Chinese market
  • Provision of back office services
  • Local influencer research and selection
  • Online support service for Chinese users
  • Payment activation and management (WeChat Pay)
  • Shipping and return logistic management
  • Creating interactive and engagement elements
  • Sophisticated advertising campaigns
  • Realization of composite purchasing experiences
  • Activities to convert interaction-to-sale


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